Laguna Hills Sewer Line Cleaning

by Gary's Plumbing, Inc.

Sewer Line Cleaning in Laguna Hills, CA

Are you looking for a trustworthy plumber in Laguna Hills to clear your sewer line? Whether you require plumbing services for routine sewer line maintenance or have a clog in your main that must be cleared right away, Gary's Plumbing, Inc. can help. We have specialized in cleaning sewer lines in Laguna Hills, California for more than 30 years. There are a variety of methods we utilize when taking care of local sewer lines. Call (949) 608-4846 and we'll happily work to determine which is best for your circumstances.


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Sewer line cleaning in Laguna Hills by Gary's Plumbing, Inc.Camera Inspection of Laguna Hills Sewer Lines by Gary's Plumbing, Inc.

Gary's Plumbing, Inc. uses top quality technology to clear and maintain sewer lines in Laguna Hills. Our skilled plumbing technicians use modern video equipment with fiber optics attached to high definition cameras. This gives them a visual of the interior of the pipes being inspected. We can examine the condition of your pipes and provide an accurate diagnosis of any problems detected, such as build-up, leaks, and clogging. Once we determine the issue, Gary's Plumbing, Inc. can devise a cost-effective resolution to unclog your mainline in Laguna Hills.


Laguna Hills Sewer Main Hydro Jetting

Commercial sewer lines require additional power to unclog and hydro jetting is a great solution. This is the most effective method of clearing sewer lines in Laguna Hills. Pressurized water is blasted into sewer lines, dislodging obstructions and removing clogs. In addition, any residue that has built up over time will be removed. Hydro jetting pipes in Laguna Hills is a plumbing solution that works well for sewer line maintenance, as it is able to remove build up that causes the clogs. However, hydro jetting may be too aggressive for older plumbing. Call (949) 608-4846 to find out of hydro jetting your Laguna Hills sewer lines a viable option.


Gary's Plumbing, Inc.'s Sewer Line Snaking in Laguna Hills, CA

Snaking is a viable option for unclogging older plumbing in Laguna Hills. It is less aggressive and less costly than hydro jetting. Snaking is generally effective in unclogging sewer lines. Gary's Plumbing, Inc. utilizes a long piece of flexible metal to navigate the twists and turns of Laguna Hills sewer lines. Our trained technicians are able to remove clogs that are 50+ feet down with the snaking wire. Snaking sometimes must be repeated, as it is not as effective as hydro jetting for removing build-up.


5★★★★★ - "Gary came and ran a camera through our pipes to see if we had a major problem. We did not. He's very honest and a real pro. Can easily say it was the best experience I've ever had with a plumber. I highly recommend this company and will be calling again in the future."

, Sewer Line Camera Inspection in Huntington Beach, CA

5★★★★★ - "Had a water leak coming through our ceiling. Called Gary and Lou was dispatched immediately. He found the source of the leak (rusted out sewer pipe) and removed and replaced.  He protected our furniture and carpet and did a fabulous clean up job.  He was so professional and skilled we also had him replace our bathroom faucet and replace toilet parts.  We highly recommend calling Gary for any plumbing issue.  They guarantee their work."

, Burst Pipe in San Clemente, CA

5★★★★★ - "I had several plumbing problems at my house and at my daughter's house.  Received an ad for this company in mail, did some research, sounded like a good honest plumber.  So I called, professional immediate response, on time, explained everything first, showed & demonstrated, expert repair. Fair price, quality repair.  He will be my plumber for mine & daughters home from now on."

, Plumbing in Long Beach, CA

5★★★★★ - "I had a dishwasher and garbage disposal installed by an unlicensed plumber to save money and they never really worked well.. the holidays were coming up and I got a flyer on my door for Gary's so read a few reviews and thought I'd give them a call..My Plummer showed up on time super professional and got both issues resolved at a fair price.."

, Plumbing in San Juan Capistrano, CA

5★★★★★ - "If customer service is important to you, YOU MUST call Gary's Plumbing! I called Gary to fix my toilet but got so much more! He was very knowledgable about what was causing my blockage in the toilet and exactly how to fix it. He gave me a quote over the phone that was reasonable and came the next morning. He did it quickly and explained every step along the way. I really appreciated that he came to fix our toilet but gave us a fair price to also fix the bath spout. Just to help us out, he unclogged a sink drain, and changed the shower head! He didn't get frustrated with me (and my husband) when we were deciding between getting the bath spout fixed or not. He was friendly and engaging to my children as well (my kids love to talk to people.) He should be #1 here on yelp. Call Gary! You will be SO glad you did!"

, Plumbing in Irvine, CA

5★★★★★ - "Gary came over on very short notice and arrived well within the time window he stated over the phone. I had a slab leak that showed up as a pool of water next to my front door. He and his assistant quickly diagnosed the problem using high tech leak detection equipment and their years of experience. Gary offered me a couple of options and I selected the lower cost option. He worked about 12 hours pretty much nonstop and re-piped the water line running from the main line into one of my bathrooms. He would not leave until the water was turned back on and no more leaks! He is honest as the day is long and his prices fair. Give him a try and be glad you did because he got it right the first time. 
P.S. Gary also has a great sense of humor and will keep you laughing (makes paying the bill fun..almost) LOL

, Piping in Irvine, CA

5★★★★★ - "I highly recommend Gary's Plumbing.  I called, left a detailed message and within 10 minutes Gary got back to me and scheduled a window of time for the same day.  Then, Lou called me and gave me a 15 minute heads-up, arrived on schedule, diagnosed and fixed the problem. It was a simple replacement of a broken faucet but he had one in his inventory and it was all handled neatly and professionally. I hope not to have any more plumbing issues but if I do, at least I have a reliable and reputable plumber to call."

, Plumbing in Irvine, CA

5★★★★★ - "I found my new plumber for life.
These guys are awesome.
Toilet was leaking and making a hissing sound.  I called them in the morning.  They answered right away and scheduled a call for later that day.  They arrived on-time.
Issue was resolved in less than an hour.  Tech was super clean, extremely nice and very knowledgeable.  
I know my issue was not that complicated but it was nice to have a plumbing company come out and repair the toilet at a reasonable price without any upselling or pressure.

, Plumbing in Tustin, CA

5★★★★★ - "Called Gary's about a leak in my copper pipe.  Didn't get a hold of him and didn't leave a VM either since I needed someone right away.  He called me back when he saw the missed call and he agreed to have someone come by within the hour.  Greg showed up, indeed within the hour, and was very nice to work with.  He found the problem and recommended the shut-off and regulator be replaced on the main pipe to the house and they were quite old so it's a fair recommendation.  We agreed on a price that seemed fair and he was done pretty quick once he got the parts needed. Great experience."

, Piping in Aliso Viejo, CA

5★★★★★ - "Gary replaced our pressure regulator valve. He gave us a quick estimate ($575) set up an appointment to do the work, and completed it on the agreed upon date and time. It's great working with a plumber who is professional, efficient and reliable. I highly recommend Gary and will call on him again."

, Plumbing in Mission Viejo, CA

5★★★★★ - "Had an issue with the valves to my washing machine. Lou came on time and was quick and courteous. Would definitely call again for any future plumbing issues!"

, Plumbing in Irvine, CA

4★★★★☆ - "I would call on Gary's again in a heartbeat. Their service team was great, explained what the problem was, a clogged feedline that managed to unclog itself, were able to tell me the age of my hot water heater, something I did not know, and gave great information for when I do need to replace it. Also, wonderful to find out that they have set fees for different things, and there is no extra charge for after hours emergencies. That I didn't know, but great information to have."

, Water Heater in Foothill Ranch, CA

5★★★★★ - "I would call on Gary's again in a heartbeat. Their service team was great, explained what the problem was, a clogged feedline that managed to unclog itself, were able to tell me the age of my hot water heater, something I did not know, and gave great information for when I do need to replace it. Also, wonderful to find out that they have set fees for different things, and there is no extra charge for after hours emergencies. That I didn't know, but great information to have."

, Plumbing in Santa Ana, CA

5★★★★★ - "Gary and his staff are highly skilled and knowledgeable, of pleasant demeanor and clean.
Gary and another plumber installed water hammer arrestors in a bathroom, installed a washing machine tray and made numerous repairs and upgrades upon our request recently at our home.  
Gary was fair with his estimates and worked in timely manner to get the jobs done.  High regards.

, Plumbing in Irvine, CA

5★★★★★ - "After receiving surprisingly high water bills for a few months, I called Gary for assistance.  I was forced to leave a message, but my call was promptly returned. The next day he sent his technician, Lou, to deal with the issue.  He arrived within the 3 hour window I was given and did call in advance, as promised, to let me know he was soon on his way.  He was professional and a pleasure to have in my home.  He took the time to explain his methodology for diagnosing the problem and went about his investigative work.  While I have no doubt there are unscrupulous vendors out there that would have told me I had some expensive pin-hole leak in (buried/hidden) plumbing, Lou concluded that two (marginally) faulty toilets were the likely issue and quoted me a fair price for the work, which he immediately proceeded to perform.  I guess I won't know for sure whether the problem is truly resolved until I get the next month or two of water bills, but there is no reason to believe it hasn't been.  Regardless, if Lou is representative of other workers for this organization, Gary's Plumbing appears to be a very fair company with which to deal and I will certainly use them in the future for any plumbing needs."

, Plumbing in Irvine, CA

5★★★★★ - "Called Gary's plumbing to get estimates for some work I needed for my house, he answered himself and spend almost 30 minutes on the phone answering all my questions and gave me great competitive quotes. He was so helpful and knowledgable. I will be using him for all my plumbing work and highly recommend him. He is honest, extremely knowledgable educated, and very helpful.  He gave me referrals for other work I needed done, educated me about the best water filtration systems, and he is credible as he has over 450 "5 star" reviews on Angie's List. Thanks Gary I hope this review finds you :)"

, Plumbing in Santa Ana, CA

5★★★★★ - "Gary from Moses plumbing is amazing!!!  We've had three different plumbers out to our house in the last six months and Gary is far and above the best!  He's fixed things that other plumbers could not and has provided a great deal in the process.
It's so refreshing to have a plumber that knows what he's doing and doesn't rake you over the coals in the process.  Thank you Gary!

, Plumbing in Aliso Viejo, CA

"I had a slab leak and received a referral from a friend who is a satisfied customer of Gary's Plumbing. I had already received 2 quotes from other plumbing companies but was not satisfied with either of these. During my phone conversation with Gary, he demonstrated an extensive knowledge of the diagnosis and repair of the slab leak process. He gave me a flat fee to diagnose and pinpoint the leak and then we would discuss the repair options and quotes for that.
Gary and Greg came out that afternoon, after they finished the job they were currently working on. They were able to diagnose and re-route piping to neutralize the leaking pipe in the slab in a very efficient and cost-effective manner. I will recommend Gary's Plumbing to all my family and friends and if I could give him 6 or 7 stars, I would!

, Plumbing

5★★★★★ - "Gary answered my call on Sunday, and was at my house promptly Monday morning to fix a small pipe leak. He found a greater problem, pointed it out, replaced pipes, and did a house inspection and offered to fix sink faucets and a heater vent as well. He was professional, thorough,  and cleaned up the work area. He guaranteed the replaced piping for 3 years. I'll call him again for plumbing problems."

, Plumbing in Irvine, CA

5★★★★★ - "I LOVE Gary's Plumbing! Gary was extremely helpful on the phone and made the extra effort to get me help right away. He sent Louis out to service our needs and he was very courteous and prompt. He worked quickly and kept everything clean. All our problems are now fixed and our life has returned to normal. 
After working with other plumbers in the past, Gary's Plumbing was a breath of fresh air. I give Gary's Plumbing my HIGHEST RECOMMENDATION!

, Plumbing in Mission Viejo, CA

5★★★★★ - "I've used Gary twice, first for a complete home tune up where they discovered a leak in a water heater line, and second for a broken toilet.  They were honest about the needs and the ways to approach them to save money.  The communicated clearly, directly, and patiently answered questions.  Their work was swift and effective, and they made my 90yo father feel important and respected.
I cannot see myself calling for another plumber and neither should you!

, Plumbing in Mission Viejo, CA

5★★★★★ - "Called Gary, based upon his stellar reviews on Yelp, and he lived up to those. I had a running toilet, and Gary knew the brand and was familiar with the problem. He quoted me a fair price, told me he'd call me 30 minutes before arrival--which he did. He fixed the problem, and showed me what needed to be done, while explaining how the parts function. He initially told me the toilet needed a new main part, which is an extra cost (clear in his initial quote), but ultimately it just need a rubber washer--saving me money from having to replace the entire part. Honest, efficient and reliable! I will definitely use him exclusively!"

, Plumbing in Laguna Niguel, CA

5★★★★★ - "Gary was very knowledgeable, prompt, trustworthy and cleaned up after he completed the job and explained everything to me. 
We're renting and said if the landlord needed to talk to him about what was done, to give him a call. 
I would highly recommend Gary's Plumbing!!

, Plumbing in Irvine, CA

5★★★★★ - "Had a leaky bathtub faucet and contacted Gary's plumbing because of their good reviews and Saturday availability; was pleased that Gary got back in touch with me so quickly. The tech that came out (Luis) did a great job explaining what the issue was and saved me money by refurbishing the existing fixtures instead of selling me new ones. The estimate given by Gary was right on the mark. I would use them again. Thanks"

, Plumbing in Rancho Santa Margarita, CA

5★★★★★ - "I called yesterday and was able to get an appointment for today. I got a text 30 minutes ahead and appointment was right on time.  Our plumber was Lou.  He did a great job and was able to add to the scope of work.  He had all the supplies he needed to get the job done!  We'll definitely be calling Gary's Plumbing back for any future plumbing needs!"

, Plumbing in Irvine, CA

5★★★★★ - "Morning starts off with me finding water on the garage floor -- yep, water heater is busted and leaking. Turn to Yelp and find a 5-star rated, Irvine based water heater company who claims to have quick service and based on their name, I figure why not. Call their number around 8 am and am instructed to go to their website to schedule an appointment, which I do. I get an email stating, "This form was just sent via text and email to every technician we have. We will get back to you as quick as humanly possible." Two hours later, nothing -- no email, no text, no call. At the recommendation of a friend, I give Moses a call, Gary picks up right away and shows up less than an hour-and-a-half later as promised. He gives me the low down (water heater is not repairable which is not surprising given it's probably close to 15 years old) and quotes me repair and replace price (repair because he has to build a platform since the original drywall base was water damaged from the leaking unit, and has to knock out a couple holes to prevent mold growth). While waiting for the broken unit to drain, Gary offers to do a general plumbing check and finds problems I knew we had with the toilets, which he takes care of. Luis finishes the job in the afternoon and we never miss a beat; no need to go to our friends to shower, no need to show up at work smelling ripe, brand new 50 gallon water heater installed and working like a champ.
Gary has definitely earned my trust for plumbing needs in the future, and will be on my own recommend list from now on! Oh, and that other supposedly "speedy" water heater company? 36 hours later, I'm still waiting for them to contact me.

, Water Heater in Irvine, CA

5★★★★★ - "I would highly recommend Gary's Plumbing. He was punctual and his estimate was accurate.
He replaced angle stop valves and flex lines as well as installed new 1" main water pressure regulator with piping / fittings. Very professional and high quality work with fair prices.
left the bathroom spotless. I would highly recommend Gary's Plumbing for his honest, hard work and he uses only high quality fittings - not builder grade junk.

, Piping in Irvine, CA

5★★★★★ - "He replaced all valves in shower and re-installed shower handles, now everything in the shower works better than ever. If you ever need an honest person & excellent work done, Gary's Plumbing is right for the job!"

, RePiping in Santa Ana, CA

5★★★★★ - "Had trouble with slow-draining kitchen sink: previous plumber had snaked drain, and that was it.  Gary spent time discussing possible reasons, and what he could do.  Ended up installing an easier clean-out, and snaking the drain - problem solved.  Also recommended using a certain drain cleaning enzyme, which I purchased from Amazon.  He was honest, easy to talk to, and if I do have any future plumbing problems, I will call him."

, Drain Cleaning in Rancho Santa Margarita, CA

5★★★★★ - "I contacted Moses Plumbing last week for a toilet tune-up & water heater flush appointment. Gary called me at 1:30pm today to let me know he would arrive at 3:45pm which was within the timeframe scheduled. He was prompt, courteous, personable, knowledgeable and professional. He was patient with my questions while he worked. I am very pleased with the service and the affordable price. He was efficient and clean (no left over debris like my plumbers in the past.) In addition to what I contracted for he checked things over for me so I could keep an eye out for future potential problems but there was no hard sell to get it done now. I would highly recommend my new go-to plumber - Moses Plumbing!"

, Water Heater in Mission Viejo, CA

5★★★★★ - "Have used handymen for plumbing repairs, which has not worked out so well in the long run. Decided to call a plumber for toilet leaking problems and outside water valve replacement. Not having a good reference, I yelped. I am thankful for the great reviews. Gary was honest, professional, informative, thorough, efficient and left his workspace very clean. He also did an inspection on valves, lines and hoses to let us know what we can do improve our water efficiency.
We have found a great plumber and will not hesitate to recommend and use him in the future.

, Plumbing in Santa Ana, CA

5★★★★★ - "Very responsive, honest and professional. Gave me same day appointment, in up front estimate and fixed the problem."

, Emergency Service in Irvine, CA

5★★★★★ - "Gary's Plumbing is top notch!  Gary provides great service, great communication, and fair prices.  I called him for a low water pressure issue that I was experiencing in my shower.  Gary diagnosed the problem by asking me a few questions on the phone and was able to provide me with a more accurate price estimate and to ensure that he had the parts required to complete the job. Once he arrived for the repair, he provided me with a couple of options to correct the shower head water pressure. I'm very happy with his work. He was quick, efficient, honest and polite...I would highly recommend Gary's Plumbing for your plumbing needs!  I will definitely use him again.  Thanks Gary :-)"

, Plumbing in Aliso Viejo, CA

5★★★★★ - "First and foremost they get 5 stars for honesty. So many plumbing companies work on a "Fear Factor" (do this, pay this or else....) not so with Moses Plumbing. One thing I have learned there is no way to "visually inspect" with 100% certainty where a leak may exactly originate, especially with no water visible under sink YET coming up through the laminate flooring in the kitchen....exact diagnostic means (if you really want this fixed) pay the start up cost cheerfully and be at ease. This includes all the fancy equipment 1st for electronic inspection, (yes there will be cutting a hole or two in the dry wall for absolute visual inspection) but again this has to be done to repair pipe anyway i.e. it's part of the "total quote" of repair doing this, Moses Plumbing will be able to offer you 3 reasonable plans of repair...all having their own set of advantages....
I have neighbors we all have the same piping issues due to shady construction when we all bought homes here in Laguna Niguel. None of us knew the chemical water composition of this area that gravely affects our pipes in our homes over time. I have been luckier than most, this is the 1st problem I have had in 15 yrs...but it is the tip of the iceberg. The water composition will not change and every pipe (or pipes) have their life span.
My job was taken care of in one afternoon w/o any drama or scare tactics. From the quote they gave me it was repaired on the low end so I opted for a preventative procedure of quickly replacing the pipe next to it being so corroded.... it would need repair soon it was a cheap fix since they were already in their anyway. They also offered to patch the dry wall and coat the area so it is painter ready....all of the extras I chose was still under the high end quote...that is  5 stars guys! (as good as it gets!!)

, Plumbing in Laguna Niguel, CA

5★★★★★ - "Highly recommend! We used him for a kitchen faucet installation. Very quick/Very professional and reasonably priced despite his deep plumbing knowledge. Will definitely use him again for future plumbing needs!"

, Water Heater in Mission Viejo, CA

5★★★★★ - "Highly recommend! We used him for a kitchen faucet installation. Very quick/Very professional and reasonably priced despite his deep plumbing knowledge. Will definitely use him again for future plumbing needs!"

, Plumbing in Irvine, CA

5★★★★★ - "Gary and Lou just left my home and I couldn't be happier. What started out as a day when I thought we were going to be tearing up flooring or ripping open walls, turned out to be only scale buildup in valves and a bathtub jacuzzi which Gary and Lou took care of. Our hot water lost pressure in three of our shower/baths. I thought for sure we had a leak! So happy with their service and thankful for their honesty and great work ethic. And now I have my water pressure back! If you need a plumber, don't look any further. Call Gary, you will not be sorry!"

, Plumbing in Costa Mesa, CA

5★★★★★ - "Gary and Lou just left my home and I couldn't be happier. What started out as a day when I thought we were going to be tearing up flooring or ripping open walls, turned out to be only scale buildup in valves and a bathtub jacuzzi which Gary and Lou took care of. Our hot water lost pressure in three of our shower/baths. I thought for sure we had a leak! So happy with their service and thankful for their honesty and great work ethic. And now I have my water pressure back! If you need a plumber, don't look any further. Call Gary, you will not be sorry!"

, Plumbing in Tustin, CA

5★★★★★ - "Great service.  Professional, show up on time, they tell you what the problem is and how they will fix it.  Reasonable rates.  They take care of the issue in a timely manner and are clean.  Definitely will use Moses Plumbing when needed."

, Plumbing in Mission Viejo, CA

5★★★★★ - "Excellent service - called Gary mid-morning with an emergency and he offered to stop by at the end of the day.  He called and texted to let me know when he would arrive.  He got to the house and went right to work and completed the job quickly.  He cleaned up and checked everything twice before leaving.  The price was also good.  
- Will call Gary again if I need a plumber.

, Emergency Service in Huntington Beach, CA

5★★★★★ - "We had a ceiling leak in our kitchen on Sunday.  We called on Sunday and Gary answered our call and made a point of coming to our house on Monday.  He identified the problem, leaking connectors elbows from inside the walls.  We were very satisfied with his quality of service and his assistant Luis who helped did outstanding workmanship.  They did an excellent job of clean up as well.  We highly recommend this company!!!  We are also going to have them install a new water heater in a couple of weeks.  Moses Plumbing is a company you can trust."

, Burst Pipe in San Clemente, CA

5★★★★★ - "Gary did a great job.  He figured out the problem right away and was in and out within two hours.  He was clean and very professional.  He had all the parts in his truck, which saved a lot of time.  I would highly recommend him to friends and family."

, Gas Piping in Irvine, CA

5★★★★★ - "My regular plumber was on vacation, so I gave Gary a call, and he picked up the phone promptly.  He happened to be available within the hour, and was in my town.  He gave me a quote over the phone, and showed up within the small window of time he had quoted on the phone.  
Upon his arrival, he reviewed the items I needed help with - running toilets and rusty tank-to-bowl bolts.
Fortunately, he then asked if there were any other plumbing needs that I had.  I did - I had fried my sink disposal a few months prior.  He gave me a quote, and pretty soon, we went through my whole "Honey Dew" list.   Then, then he went to work.
As an aside, he noticed that my water pressure gauge was showing signs of corrosion, and so he checked the water pressure, for no charge.  He let me know the pressure was good, and since my money is tight, we could wait to replace it.
He checked my water heater just before he left and let me know it was adequate.
He got all I asked done, was professional, listened to me, and delivered the service I requested.
I would not hesitate to call him again and I would recommend him to friends and family.

, Water Heater in Mission Viejo, CA

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